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Foods that help Cleanse the body

Our world is full of toxins. Compared with just a few hundred years ago, the world is now a lot more toxic. It is only since the Industrial Revolution started a few hundred years ago that large scale polution has occured. A lot of us forget that it is only in the last 50 or 60 years that mankind has increased the amount of radiation on our planet through the thousands of nuclear tests that have happened.

Our seas, soil, air and water supplies now have more man-made chemicals and toxins in them than ever before. Common sense tells us that this must affect our bodies to some degree.

While our bodies naturally work to get rid of these toxins, the high levels of harmful chemicals that we are exposed to today can be overwhelming to our system and, as we age, more and more toxins build up. These toxins lead to illness, disease and even death. Luckily there is something that we can do to help our bodies and one of those things is to be sure to eat healthy foods, many of which can help detox the body naturally.

Buy the healthiest foods that are available that you can afford

healthy foodsOne thing that you can do if you want to help your body detox is to be sure to pick as natural foods as possible. If you can get organic foods then do so. Organic foods are grown without chemicals and pesticides so eating them will not add any extra toxins to your body. While non-organic foods might be less expensive, they can sometimes have plenty of toxins from the pesticides used to grow them and when you eat the foods, toxins go right into your body.

If organic foods are not available, or if they are too expensive, then make sure you wash your fruits and vegetables to ensure as many pesticides as possible are washed away. These days you can even buy special cleansing products to help wash away any contaminents from food.

Spending a little bit more on organic or healthy foods now will probably save you a lot of money in medical bills later or ill health in the long term. One merely needs to look at nature to find the foods that detoxify the body best. Fresh fruits and vegetables (organically grown if possible) are among the best detoxifiers. Onions, cauliflower and broccoli are particularly good and artichokes are well-known for helping detox the liver.

The fresher the better

When eating fruit for detox purposes you want to be sure to use fresh fruits. Eat it by itself, either whole or juiced, at least two or three hours before or after any other types of food. All fruits are good including melons, berries, citrus fruits, bananas, apples and nectarines.


garlicGarlic is well-known for its health properties. It is a potent blood cleanser which aids detoxing. Garlic is best eaten when it is raw - mash up a clove and wait 10 minutes for active chemicals to activate and then add it on top of your pasta or bread for a healthy treat.

You can get garlic in capsules or as a liquid tincture. If you decide to get a supplement, just make sure it is not a "standardised" or a "de-natured" or an "odourless" version. These later types of garlic lose a lot of their natural beneficial compounds and are not as effective as either fresh cloves or carefully dried and ground garlic.


Along with fruits and vegetables, there are a variety of herbs that are wonderful for detoxing the body. Milk thistle, dandelion, marshmallow, turmeric and ginger are just a few of the dozens of useful herbs. Other articles on the site go into this in much more detail.

By making sure that you eat plenty of good foods that detox the body, as well as doing a periodic body detox will help to offset the accumulation of toxins that can be harmful to your health.

There are many other things you can do to maintain good health, but just these few things mentioned in this article, drinking sufficient water and some gentle exercise each week, can form a tremendous foundation for good health.